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40+ Years Experience

Bob Cress is the Founder | Owner of Truck Crane Solutions LLC., a Specialty Trucks & Equipment Sales dealership located in Bluffton, Indiana.  Bob has been serving customers with integrity SINCE 1978 after being granted a State of Indiana Dealer License Certificate. 


TCS focuses on the following Nine (9) different Specialty Trucks & Equipment Sales.

#1. Tree Service Trucks,  #2. Debris & Storm Service Trucks,  #3. Digger Derrick Trucks,  #4. Bucket Trucks (Aerial Lifts),  #5. Hydro Excavator (Hydrovac) Trucks,  #6. Vacuum Trucks,  #7 Drywall | Wallboard Loader Crane Trucks,  #8. Crane Attachments & Grapple Options,  #9. TCS 50/60 Cu. Yd. Haul Bodies.


Bob has 40+ years of commercial truck distribution experience.  Bob’s background includes 29+ years as the managing owner of a commercial truck dealership.  For 22+ years during that time, he also owned a commercial truck and equipment distribution and installation business.


Bob is a recognized professional with a broad and deep understanding and competence in terms of knowledge, skill, and experience through practice and education in a vast array of commercial, vocational, and utility trucks and their equipment.  As a result, TCS® can implement highly innovative solutions to address customer requirements.


In addition to addressing customer requirements, TCS provides solutions that successfully fulfill customers’ special requests to locate and acquire a specific truck.  The ability to locate trucks for customers is accomplished through TCS’s Truck Locator Network™.  Success in finding trucks is backed by Bob’s 40+ years of truck distribution experience.

Quality Trucks & Customization

TCS sources the top-used tandem, tri-, or quad axle crane trucks from the Trade-Ins of new crane distributors, new truck dealers, and reputable auctions throughout the country. Select trucks receive preventative maintenance and any repairs required to pass DOT inspection. 

Through its network of expert vendors, TCS purchases and installs new tree service, log limb, and debris grapples and designs, engineers and installs new debris haul boxes when upfitting used material handling crane trucks to customer specifications for end-use.  


TCS has arrangements with a variety of equipment financing and insurance providers to help make customer purchases seamless.  TCS gladly works with customer finance and insurance companies to simplify purchase transactions.

945 North Main Street
Bluffton, IN 46714-1317
Office: (260) 205-5676
Fax: (260) 824-9950
Text: (855) 805-4676