40+ Years Experience

TCS was founded by Bob Cress.  Bob has over forty years commercial truck distribution experience, including 29 years as a licensed Indiana commercial truck dealership owner, so he understands well his customers’ businesses.   His experience and deep technical knowledge enable TCS to customize high-quality used trucks that satisfy customer needs.

Bob has a long-term relationship with the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA), following accredited truck body and equipment upfit and custom frame and wheelbase modifications.  Bob was also the previous managing owner of Cress Truck & Equipment Sales, a truck equipment distributorship, from 1985 through 2007.  As a result, TCS is able to implement highly innovative, custom solutions to address customer requirements.  

Quality Trucks & Customization

TCS sources the best used tandem, tri-, or quad-axle crane trucks from new crane distributors, new truck dealers, and reputable auctions throughout the country.  All trucks receive preventative maintenance and any repairs required to pass DOT inspection.  

Through its network of expert vendors, TCS purchases and installs new tree service, log limb, and debris grapples and designs, engineers and installs new debris haul boxes when upfitting used material handling crane trucks to customer specifications for end-use.  


TCS has arrangements with a variety of equipment financing and insurance providers to help make customer purchases seamless.  TCS gladly works with customer finance and insurance companies to simplify purchase transactions.