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Digger Derrick Trucks

DIGGER DERRICK TRUCKS can provide excellent solutions when any job requires workers to perform tasks in the ● electric utility and telecommunication industries, ● transmission infrastructure, ● jobsite construction, ● telecom jobs, ● other work applications, and ● other markets.  

Digger Derricks can provide excellent solutions when aerial tasks require workers to lift a wide variety of loads.  • Lift transformers, • cross arms, • reels of cable, or • whatever. 

Digger Derricks also provide workers with a fast solution to • Dig holes, • auger pole holes, • set poles, • backfill dirt or rock, • install power-installed anchors (PISA), and • operate hydraulic power tools, i.e., • pole tamper, • pole jack, • hydraulic presses, etc.  

  • Top Manufactures: Altec, Lift-All, Terex/Hi-Ranger, Versalift.


Available Digger Derrick Trucks (260) 205-5676.


TCS – Truck Locator Service Network™ (260) 205-5676.

TCS Founder | Owner Bob Cress often successfully fulfills customers’ special requests to locate and acquire their specific trucks.  Since 1978, after obtaining his Indiana State Dealer License, Bob has been serving customers with integrity.  His ability to locate trucks for customers is accomplished through TCS’s Truck Locator Network.  Success in finding trucks is backed by Bob’s 40+ years of commercial truck distribution experience.


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