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HYDRO EXCAVATOR (HYDROVAC) Vacuum Trucks provide excellent solutions when your application demands workers to Hydro Excavate, providing the advantage of digging around: • existing utilities, • gas mains, • power lines, •etc., without risking damage to the infrastructure or harm to workers on the site.

HYDRO EXCAVATION is where high-pressure water is used to loosen the soil and dig a hole. The wet, muddy excavated material is then suctioned into a tank, mounted on a Hydro Excavator truck, and carried offsite to a designated dump location. Hydro Excavating allows for quick and precise excavations, requiring less labor, less time excavating (digging), and less backfill, which causes significantly less environmental impact than conventional digging methods. Most importantly, hydro excavation poses very little threat, if any, to buried utilities. Hand digging to expose utilities is unreliable and can be expensive to repair or remediate damaged underground utilities. Statistics show that shovel strikes cause 75% of utility industry damage.

Vacuum Trucks Configured for CLEANING & MAINTENANCE are available in many configurations and combinations to provide excellent solutions when your application demands workers to Perform Cleaning & Maintenance of or Perform Vacuuming of: • sumps & sewers, • catch basins, • stormwater runoff & • storm sewers, • collection pits, • grease traps, and many more.

Vacuum Trucks Configured for HYDRO JETTING & FLUSHING are available in many configurations and combinations. Explaining Hydro Jetting & Flushing, in the simplest terms, can be described as the process of snaking a drain to remove a clog or cleaning lines, pipes, and drains with water jetting devices. Jetting & Flushing with high-pressure water makes it possible to loosen, dislodge and transport debris, sludge, and sediment in less time and effort than traditional methods.

● Our Preferred Primary Manufacturers: TCS specializes in VACTOR and VACCON.

Hydro Excavation (Hydrovac) Trucks (260) 205-5676.
Other Vacuum Trucks (260) 205-5676.

TCS – Truck Locator Service Network™ (260) 205-5676.
● TCS Founder | Owner Bob Cress often successfully fulfills customers’ special requests to locate and acquire their specific trucks. Since 1978, after obtaining his Indiana State Dealer License, Bob has been serving customers with integrity. His ability to locate trucks for customers is accomplished through TCS’s Truck Locator Network™. Success in finding trucks is backed by Bob’s 40+ years of commercial truck distribution experience.


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